Create innovative payloads to UAV's


We are an innovative business, developing payloads for mapping and inspection. We link research from universities with customers needs and supply the industry with cutting-edge solutions.


Design of payload August 2020

Eaglescanner X1

We are developing a LiDAR scanner that can be placed on a drone. In fact it can be placed on any standard gimble that fits to an industrial drone.

With this new payload package we can provide high precision laser scanned point clouds from drones. The drone flies up to 120 m. above ground and the onboard LiDAR sensor and navigation unit provides Digital Terrain and Digital Surface models with an expected point accuracy of 3 cm. and with a typical resolution starting with 150 points pr. m2 and up depending on the flying height and speed.

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Is possible with our LiDAR payload to make near coastal mapping as below case.


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