Project enquiries 

Any clarifying question, we are happy to answer.


Purchase LiDARx

Complete system with plug-and-play interface. 

Call for quote

Renting LiDARx

Renting on day-to-day basis 

Mission depend

Initial data processing

3D point cloud delivered in LAS file format. 

Includes noise reduction and outlier removal. 

Engineer per hour


Generated hillshade map. 

Optional service 

3D point grid

Down to 2 cm grid.

Optional service 

Contour map

Down to 10 cm height curves.

Optional service 


Mesh service map generated. 

Optional service 

Point classification

Ground or surface.

Optional service 


Alignment based on point cloud projection (.geotiff format).

Optional service 

RGB overlay

RGB overlay on LAS file format.

Optional service